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Execute HTTP request

Identifier (ID):
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Req’d Key Type Notes
x http_verb text The request method: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE
x http_url text The request URL
  http_headers text A list of Header: Value pairs (e.g. Content-Type: application/json), separated by newlines
  http_body text If POST or PUT, the HTTP request body
  auth text connected_account, placeholder, or omitted
  auth_connected_account_id text When using auth=connected_account must return a [connected account](/docs/records/types/connected-account/] ID
  auth_placeholder text When using auth=placeholder the template must result to a [connected account](/docs/records/types/connected-account/] ID
  options[ignore_ssl_validation] bit 0 (validate SSL), 1 (ignore SSL validation)
  options[raw_response_body] bit 0 (auto-convert response by content type), 1 (keep raw response)
  run_in_simulator bit Make HTTP requests in the simulator: 0=no, 1=yes
  response_placeholder placeholder The placeholder to set with the HTTP response