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Filter new incoming message

Name: Filter new incoming message
Identifier (ID):
Class: Event_MailReceivedByApp
File: features/cerberusweb.core/api/events/app/mail_received_by_app.php

Event Actions

Action ID
Append text to message content append_to_content
Prepend text to message content prepend_to_content
Redirect delivery to another email address redirect_email
Reject delivery of message reject
Remove attachments by filename remove_attachments
Replace text in message content replace_content
Reply to sender send_email_sender
Set message header set_header

Global Actions

Action ID
Add watchers add_watchers
Behavior call subroutine _run_subroutine
Behavior exit _exit
Behavior run _run_behavior
Behavior schedule _schedule_behavior
Behavior unschedule _unschedule_behavior
Execute classifier prediction
Execute data query
Execute email parser
Execute HTTP request
Execute PGP encrypt
Get links _get_links
Get persistent key _get_key
Get time elapsed using calendar availability
Package import
Record create
Record delete
Record retrieve
Record search
Record update
Record upsert
Schedule proactive interaction
Send email send_email
Service AWS Get Pre-signed URL
Set custom placeholder _set_custom_var
Set links set_links
Set persistent key _set_key
Set snippet placeholder _set_custom_var_snippet