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When prompting with a chooser, the user selects one or more existing records using a helper popup or autocomplete text box.

Chooser prompts are currently only available on worker-based interactions.

In a conversational bot behavior, add the Prompt With » Chooser action.


The record type to be selected.


The default query to pre-filter records in the chooser popup.


If selecting a single record, the popup will automatically close after the first selection. Otherwise the user is able to select multiple records.


If enabled, an autocomplete textbox will be added to the chooser button. This is useful if the user may already know what they want to select, as they can bypass the chooser popup.

Save to a placeholder

Name a placeholder where a copy of the user’s response will be saved. You can then later refer to this answer when making decisions or giving responses.

If the name your placeholder ends with _id then all of the placeholders for the selected record will be available.

For instance, a placeholder like prompt_worker_id will be able to use prompt_worker__label and prompt_worker_first_name.