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Reference: Commands

These commands are available in bot scripts and snippets:


Evaluate a variable or expression without outputting anything:

{% do "This won't print" %}

This is primarily useful for expanding placeholders in dictionaries before serializing the object to JSON or XML:

{% do ticket_custom_ %}


Apply the given filters to the enclosed block of text:

{% filter upper %}
All of this text will be uppercase.
{% endfilter %}



Arrays can be iterated with for loops:

{% set list_of_names = ["Jeff", "Dan", "Darren"] %}
{% for name in list_of_names %}
* {{name}}
{% endfor %}

* Jeff
* Dan
* Darren


Conditional logic can display different content based on the result of any number of expressions:

{% set sla_expiration = '+2 weeks'|date('U') %}
{% if sla_expiration >= 'now'|date('U') %}
Your SLA coverage is active.
{% else %}
Your SLA coverage has expired.
{% endif %}

Your SLA coverage is active.


You can make your own variables in a template using the set command:

{% set name = "Kina" %}
{% set quantity = 5 %}
{{name}} has {{quantity}} gold stars.

Kina has 5 gold stars.

Variables are temporary. When you define a new variable in one action, it can’t be referenced from other actions. In programmer parlance, the scope of a variable is limited to the same template.


Remove whitespace between HTML tags in the enclosed block of text with spaceless:

{% spaceless %}
  <span>This will all be on a single line.</span>
{% endspaceless %}

<div><span>This will all be on a single line.</span></div>

This is also useful when you're using a lot of template commands (if, for) to mark up text. You won't have to add - to every tag.


You can avoid parsing template syntax by enclosing the code in verbatim tags:

{% verbatim %}
You can print a variable by typing {{variable_name}}
{% endverbatim %}

You can print a variable by typing {{variable_name}}


Create a separate variable scope using the with command:

{% with %}
{% set name = 'Kina' -%}
Hi, {{name}}!
{% endwith %}
{% if name is empty %}
Where did you go?
{% endif %}

Hi, Kina!
Where did you go?