Logging in

Signing in to your Cerb account

When you first access Cerb in your browser you’ll be prompted to authenticate yourself.

It’s possible for each worker to have a different authentication method, so the first step is to enter your registered email address. If you check the Remember me box then you won’t need to enter your email address again on subsequent visits, even if you log out.

After clicking Continue you’ll be shown your personalized authentication form. By default you’ll be asked for a password, but you may see something different if two-factor authentication is enabled (requiring a temporary code from your mobile device).

After entering your credentials, click the Sign On button.

If successful, your new session will begin and you’ll be redirected to your profile page.

If you forgot your password, click the forgot your password? link to reset your account. This will require you to verify your email address, and it may ask you a few security questions to verify your identity. If you need additional help, contact your administrator.