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Deep Search

Some filters represent links between related records.

The expression for these filters is another search query based on the linked record type.

We refer to this as deep searching because you can chain these searches to any depth.

For instance, you can build a worklist of email messages sent by organizations in the health care industry, in Europe, and who also have at least one female contact with a name that starts with the letter ‘M’.

This is one of the most powerful features in Cerb.

When performing a deep search, your expression is another search query:

status:open group:(name:S*)

The above example returns records that are open and in a group that begin with the letter ‘S’.

Multiple deep searches

You can perform multiple deep searches at once:


The above example returns records owned by a female worker, in the Support or Sales group, from an organization with any service level agreement (a custom fieldset picklist).

You can perform a deep search, within a deep search, within a deep search (ad nauseam):

    org:("Health Care" 

The above example returns records where the sender of the first message is a member of an organization in the health care industry in Europe with a “Priority” service level agreement.


You can also negate a deep search by prefixing an exclamation mark (!). This returns all records that don’t match:


The above example returns records that are in a group whose name doesn’t start with the letter ‘S’.