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The status of a ticket is always one of the following:

  • open: the conversation needs worker attention.
  • waiting for reply: the conversation is on hold pending client action.
  • closed: the conversation has concluded.
  • deleted: the conversation is flagged for deletion during the next maintenance window.

You’ll most likely have at least one worklist dedicated to open tickets if you’re responsible for responding to inquiries from contacts.

When a ticket is changed to the waiting status you can also schedule a wait until date and time, at which point the conversation will automatically return to the open status. This keeps your inbox free of tickets that you can’t work on until a later date. It’s also a great way to schedule followups on sales or marketing messages.

If a contact adds a new message to a ticket that is waiting or closed it will automatically change back to the open status.

By default, when a ticket is deleted you will have 7 days from its last activity to change it to a different status before it’s removed permanently. This is called the “undo window”.