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Cerb + Twilio


In this guide we’ll walk through the process of linking Cerb to Twilio. You’ll be able to use Twilio’s full API from bots in Cerb.

Get your API keys from the Twilio Dashboard

  1. Browse to:

  2. In the top right, copy your Account SID (username) and Auth Token (password).

Create the Twilio service in Cerb

  1. Navigate to Search » Connected Services.

  2. Click the (+) icon in the top right of the list.

  3. Select Twilio.

  4. Enter your Account SID and Auth Token.

  5. Click the Create button.

Use the connected account in bot behaviors

You can use the connected account you just created to access Twilio’s API from bot behaviors in Cerb. This is typically accomplished using the Execute HTTP Request action from a bot, and selecting the connected account in the Authentication: section.

You can import the Twilio Bot package for a working example.