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Reminder Bot


This package adds Reminder Bot, which provides conversational interactions for setting reminders from any record’s card or profile page.

Importing the package

As of 9.2.2:

  1. Navigate to Search » Bots.

  2. Click (+) above the worklist.

  3. Select a target Owner.

  4. On the Library tab, select Reminder Bot.

  5. Click the Create button.

Using the bot

Open the interaction menu on a card or profile

Open up the card or profile page of any record.

Click on the Cerb icon in the toolbar to open the bot interaction menu.

Hover over Reminder Bot in the interaction menu to expand the submenu:

Click on Remind me about this by notification.

Have a quick chat with the bot

The bot asks when it should remind you:

You can enter either an absolute time (Jan 9 2019 08:00) or a relative time (5 minutes, 5pm, tomorrow 8am, next Friday noon).

Either way, the bot will convert your input into a properly formatted date:

Click the blue Send button.

The bot then asks what it should tell you when the reminder is due:

The bot confirms your reminder details:

When you click Yes to confirm, the bot creates the reminder for you.

The confirmation includes a link the new reminder’s card popup:

Verify the reminder on the record

The bot created a reminder record and linked it to the ticket we were looking it. It also configured the Remind by notification behavior to run on the reminder date.

On the ticket profile, we also see a link to the reminder:

Receive the reminder

In our example, we would receive the following notification in 5 minutes:

Clicking on the notification displays the card for the completed reminder:

If necessary, reschedule the reminder

Occasionally you’ll receive a reminder message that you can’t act on yet. You can easily edit the reminder from its card to reschedule it to run again in the future.

Listing reminders

You can list your future and past reminders from Search » Reminders:

Receiving other kinds of reminders

Reminders by email

Reminder Bot can also remind you through email. It uses the personal email address configured for your account.

Reminders by text message

If you enable the Twilio plugin, the bot can also remind you with text messages using the mobile number configured on your account.

Reminders by webhook

Reminder Bot also includes a behavior for sending a reminder to an arbitrary webhook URL as a JSON payload. You can use this when creating your own reminders, or when editing reminders the bot created for you.

Reminders by almost anything

You can create a new Custom behavior on reminder behavior to do almost anything you can think of with a reminder.