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U.S. Holidays Calendar


This package imports a preconfigured shared calendar with recurring events for U.S. holidays. This can be linked to worker calendars so that office holidays can be managed in a single place.

You can add or change recurring holiday events to meet your needs.

Importing the package

As of 9.2:

  1. Navigate to Search » Calendars.

  2. Click (+) above the worklist.

  3. Select a target Owner.

  4. On the Library tab, select U.S. Holidays.

  5. Click the Create button.

Viewing the calendar

Navigate to Search » Calendars and click on the U.S. Holidays record.

You can also add the calendar to a workspace or dashboard.

Linking the holidays calendar to worker calendars

Navigate to Search » Calendars and select a worker calendar.

Type e or click on the edit button at the top.

Make sure Synchronizing events is enabled.

In the Synchronize section, set Events from to Calendar and select U.S. Holidays.

Click the Save Changes button.

The worker’s calendar will now display U.S. holidays as well as their own events.