From $40/month per seat

  • Everything Cerb has to offer: collaborative workspaces, bot automation, plugins, community portals, etc.
  • Highly available and scalable in the cloud as a fully managed service
  • Always on the latest stable version with same-day bug fixes
  • Automated backups and same day support
  • Instant delivery of inbound mail
  • Highly deliverable outgoing mail
  • Easily test incoming and outgoing email with preconfigured mailboxes
  • You can bring your own URL
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$30/month per seat (annual)

  • Self-hosted on your own hardware
  • We'll send you a free 3-seat license to get started
  • Includes 100% of our source code from GitHub
  • Requires PHP 7.0+ and MySQL 5.6+
  • You're responsible for installation, upgrades, scaling, monitoring, security, and backups
  • Ideal for regulatory compliance
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Start using Cerb for free with no time limit
Terms: Your Cerb Cloud trial is completely free -- we don't need any payment information to get started. We'll keep your account active for as long as you're using it, but we may remove it if you're inactive for more than 30 days. You can optionally switch to a Cerb Cloud subscription at any time and keep your data and configuration.