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Plugins contribute new functionality by registering extensions on extension points.

Extensions are defined in a plugin’s manifest within the <extensions> block.

Each extension entry looks like:

<extension point="com.example.extension_point">
	<name>Extension name</name>

  • <extension point="..."> specifies the extension point of the extension.

  • <id> is the globally unique ID of the extension. Like plugins, this should only contain lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscores (_), and dots (.). The extension ID should always start with the ID of the plugin.

  • <name> is the human-friendly name of the extension.

  • <class> assigns code from the plugin to the extension. Each extension point provides a parent class which must be extended by the plugin’s extension. The <name> element in this block specifies the class name of this implementation, and <file> is the path to a source code file, relative to the plugin’s directory. This almost always starts with api/.

  • <params> is where each extension manifest can set configuration details based on the extension point.

Extension points

Name Extension Point
Bot Action devblocks.event.action
Bot Event devblocks.event
Cache Engine devblocks.cache.engine
Calendar Datasource cerberusweb.calendar.datasource
Card Widget Type cerb.card.widget
Community Portal cerb.portal
Connected Service Provider cerb.connected_service.provider
Controller devblocks.controller
Custom Field Type cerb.custom_field
Event Listener devblocks.listener.event
Http Request Listener devblocks.listener.http
Mail Transport Type cerberusweb.mail.transport
Message Toolbar Item cerberusweb.message.toolbaritem
Page Menu Item
Page Section
Page Type
Prebody Renderer cerberusweb.renderer.prebody
Profile Script cerberusweb.ui.context.profile.script
Profile Tab Type
Profile Widget Type
Record Type devblocks.context
Reply Toolbar Item cerberusweb.reply.toolbaritem
Rest API Controller
Scheduled Job cerberusweb.cron
Search Engine
Search Schema
Sensor Type cerberusweb.datacenter.sensor
Storage Engine
Storage Schema
Support Center Controller
Support Center Login Authenticator usermeet.login.authenticator
Support Center RSS Feed
Webhook Listener Type cerb.webhooks.listener.engine
Workspace Page Type
Workspace Tab Type
Workspace Widget Datasource cerberusweb.ui.workspace.widget.datasource
Workspace Widget Type cerberusweb.ui.workspace.widget