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Most of the text you see in Cerb is provided by the translation system using American English defaults. All of this text is able to be translated into any other language using our built-in Translation Editor plugin.

Plugins can add new text to the translation system with a strings.xml file in TMX format, which can then be translated into any language by anyone, as well as shared in our official translation packs.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE tmx PUBLIC "-//LISA OSCAR:1998//DTD for Translation Memory eXchange//EN" "tmx14.dtd">
<tmx version="1.4">
	<header creationtool="Cerb" creationtoolversion="9.0.7" srclang="en_US" adminlang="en" datatype="unknown" o-tmf="unknown" segtype="sentence" creationid="" creationdate=""/>

		<tu tuid='example.plugin.string_name'>
			<tuv xml:lang="en_US"><seg>Replace this with your own text.</seg></tuv>