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You can group filters into AND and OR (boolean) sets.


Return records that match all of the given filters:

status:open AND created:today AND group:support

status:open created:today group:support

A query automatically uses AND by default if you specify multiple filters and separate them with a space.


Return records that match any of the given filters: OR

The above example will return records that are “owned by the current worker” or “have no owner”. It will exclude records owned by any other worker.


You can prefix a boolean filter group with an exclamation mark (!) to negate it:

!(mimetype:image/png size:<100KB)

The above example will return everything except “PNGs smaller than 100KB”.

Multiple boolean filter groups

You can mix boolean filter groups by using parentheses (()):

(mimetype:image/png size:>100KB) OR (mimetype:image/jpeg size:<100KB)

The above example will return both “PNGs larger than 100KB” and “JPEGs smaller than 100KB”.