Cerb enhances the productivity of online teams with web-based collaboration and automation tools.

Latest version: Cerb 7.2.5 (January 9, 2017)

Productivity-boosting shared workspaces

Stay on the same page while collaborating from anywhere. Share responsibility for organization-wide email addresses. Quickly prioritize and dispatch the never-ending flood of email.

Behavior-driven bots for workflow automation

Build bots with sophisticated automation behaviors from your web browser. Automate sales, engagement, and client onboarding. Let machines tirelessly do the grunt work.

Dashboards for real-time monitoring and reporting

Enhance operational intelligence with highly customizable widgets: calendars, clocks, charts, timers, HTML, gauges, scatterplots, subtotals, and worklists. Plugins can add new widgets.

Infinite data flexibility with custom fields and fieldsets

Capture every important detail about your clients, contacts, leads, team, projects, tasks, and more.

Plugins for integration with third-party apps and services

Catch webhooks, send notifications to Slack, chart Freshbooks invoices on dashboards, track @mentions from Twitter, automatically create JIRA issues from tickets, send text messages with Twilio, store attachments in Amazon S3, and much more.

... and more

  • High-volume email management that scales to millions of conversations per year.
  • Shared mailboxes that provide a single point of contact for clients no matter who is on duty.
  • Connected accounts for integration with third-party apps and services.
  • Contact management for tracking important details and nurturing customer relationships.
  • Notifications for keeping the right people informed about activity on any record.
  • Task management for organizing, prioritizing, and delegating units of work.
  • Knowledge management for distributing accumulated experience.
  • Broadcasting of targeted, personalized messages to thousands of contacts with segmentation and dynamic templates.
  • Mobile functionality for remaining productive while away from your desk.
  • Devblocks, a plugin-driven web development framework for rapidly implementing new functionality.
  • A library of browser-installable plugins for extending functionality and integrating with other applications and services (Facebook, Twitter, Twilio, Slack, Freshbooks, Amazon S3, JIRA, HipChat, etc).
  • A REST-based API for automation and integration with third-party applications and services.
  • Webhooks that trigger bot behaviors in response to external events (survey submitted, invoice paid, Slack /command, etc).
  • Portals for building customer-facing online communities around your brands.
  • ... Time tracking, call logging, opportunity management, and more.

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