EFF is SO grateful for Cerberus's donation of the system to us. It's enabled me to take on many many additional duties aside from our public communication.
- Rebecca R., Intake Coordinator, Electronic Frontier Foundation (2011)
Webgroup Media has been a passionate partner of ours for over 10 years. Cerberus allowed us to gain efficiencies across 100's of our business support staff, Customize and streamline workflow across our companies and continues to be integral to the health of our teams. Our team also is always eager to upgrade to the latest release and see which of their ideas were incorporated. Great Product. Great Team!
- Hussam AlOkush, Senior Director - Customer Success, Advance Digital Inc. (2016)
I just wanted to say thanks for continuous improvements in Cerberus Helpdesk. You are doing a fantastic job and I wish you great success!
- Roustem Karimov, Founder, 1Password (2012)
I've worked with the Cerberus team for almost 15 years and continue to be a fan. Not only is Cerb a great product, but the team who develop and support it are a fantastic group of people. We are so appreciative of the teams' support and responsiveness; it translates into creating a product that allows us to be responsive to our customers, and we appreciate the many ways we can save time, energy (and money) by using Cerb as a cornerstone of our support infrastructure. Thank you!
- Lou Jacob, VP of Customer Success, Mediafly (2016)
We’ve been using Cerb since we started our business in 2011. It’s easy to use, has frequent updates and enhancements, but best of all, it always "just works".
- Michael Simmons, Co-Founder, Flexibits Inc. (2019)
Thanks, it's like you've read our minds for new features. You are definitely on the right track. Keep it up!
- Akram Sawaf, TigerTMS plc (2010)
I am a huge fan of the software. In fact, I've been with this company since around 2005, and Cerberus is one of the few tools we've had back then, and which has persisted throughout a decade (with updates, of course).
- Alex Railean, Dekart (2017)
Cerb is one of the most flexible help desk software I've seen. Its ability to adapt to nearly any business need or use case is astonishing. The virtual attendants feature lets you process tickets and automate the assignment and oversight of tickets. This has led to us being more productive and being able to do more work with fewer resources. Thank you for making such a life-changing piece of software!
- Adam Stewart, 3C Institute (2016)
We're loving Cerb6 over here at Kiva. We were especially elated when we were able to take advantage of the reporting capabilities introduced in 6.1 with the dashboard features. Also, upgrades have been a breeze, so we're able to stay on top of the newest features and bug fixes. Thanks for such a great product.
- Jim Cooley, Director of Technical Operations, Kiva (2012)
Where others fail Cerberus delivers precisely what's needed. After spending only a short time with this product we knew we'd found the right one, quite simply Cerberus has given us the powerful communication tool we needed to rid ourselves of the disjointed communications that we experienced with using mail clients. Its introduction has been met with praise from our staff who have picked up the product with ease due to the intuitive and almost natural way that it works, all without a single hint of a complaint. Bottom line, Cerberus from implementation to operating environment has been straightforward, pain free and is capable enough to grow with our business - how many things in the I.T world can have the same said about them, not many!
- Ross Jameson, I.T. Manager, TLG Brands Ltd (2012)
Cerb has been vital to the daily workflow of supporting our student critics. There are over 3k users in our internal systems, and Cerb allows me to be effective with automated responses, knowledge base articles, and various other reporting tasks for end of year satisfaction reporting. You guys are really doing amazing things in the community of CRM, and we couldn't be happier!
- Adam S. Campbell, CTO/CIO, The Cappies Inc. (2013)
Love the product and the fact that they are always listening to their customers and making improvements and upgrades to the system.
- Alice Rand, Customer Service Manager, Clarus Marketing Group (2012)
Having used Cerberus since 2003, we've seen first hand how the product has evolved. Version 5 can be summarised by a single word; amazing! We're able to interact with our customers better, delivering faster responses and increasing customer satisfaction. The flexibility of Cerberus has allowed us to fully integrate with our customer portal and management systems for all our brands which means more efficient staff. The team at WGM are legendary, receptive and open to new ideas and improvements. There are many solutions available today but Cerb5 is miles ahead of the competition.
- Matt Martin, Managing Director, XILO Communications Ltd. (2011)
Cerb 5 sure is fast - nice work. I am using it on all cloud servers I create for clients, and hope that they will love Cerberus so much they'll buy more from you.
- Jack Murgia, Owner, Cloud Controllers (2010)
Just wanted to let you know. Great job on ver 5 of Cerb Helpdesk. LOVE the Amazon S3 integration and the small UI improvements. Keep up the great innovation. You can see the thought and hard work that goes into the product.
- Marc Avila, CEO, 3 Media Web Solutions, Inc. (2010)
We are big fans of your systems and know you guys are working hard.
- Donavon G., CEO, Peaksware LLC (2009)
I don't have any problems. I'm a PHP developer and very pleased with the software. Outstanding guys... keep it up. I really hope you become huge and wealthy that's in everyone's interest who uses Cerb. All I do so far is spreading the word on Cerberus.
- Denis N., 3RDsense (2009)
Long story short, cerberus has worked it's way into every aspect of our internal organization, purchasing, facilities, IT helpdesk and even legal document tracking and folks would like to have some additional status'. My CFO is so happy with this thing he wants me to write you another check for full price 'just because it would make me feel better'!
- Brad P., Director of I.T., SourceFire
The Cerberus helpdesk system completely surpassed our expectations. The product is extremely well built and powerful. Even after handling over 145,800 tickets the helpdesk continues to fly and provide everything we've ever required in a helpdesk system.
- Robert D., Security Technician, ImHosted.com (2004)
Of the CRM tools we've used, only Cerberus addresses the significant productivity threat posed by Spam and junk mail. Cerberus' trainable filters have saved us countless hours in sorting real customer emails from junk mail, and this has translated into faster response times for our customers, and high marks for our support team.
- Dave, iZotope
Having gone through more ticket and email management systems than you can shake a stick at, we finally found Cerberus. We process hundreds of tickets per day, and found that Cerberus allows us to delegate these tickets/emails in such a way that it literally cut down our staff members' required manual input by at least 30%. I can not say enough about Cerberus that would do it justice. It is quite simply a god-send for a company such as ours...
- Simon O'Rourke, CEO, EIRCA Internet Solutions
It's not every day that I get an opportunity to use such incredibly well thought-out and coded software as Cerberus. I've tried all of the open source helpdesk scripts and I can tell you that none of them even come close the Cerberus! I discovered Cerberus 4 when I decided (on a whim) to have another look at the Helpdesk script options-- it had been a while since the last time I had last stared with longing into the 'Kayako SupportSuite' pricing page (feeling sorry for myself). I found the Cerberus website through some web searching and was immediately impressed by the attractive design and wealth of information. I love the software and I'll probably be using for the rest of time. Very good job guys (and girls). I love you all.
- Ben Burgess, NXNET
Cerb is a breath of fresh air. So much so that I can't help sitting back and going 'You know what else I could use with this?' It's got me thinking in ways I haven't in a long time.
- Joshua G., Card Group Support
You guys are the best! You've gone above and beyond to help us through a tough time as we grow our business. We will definitely continue recommending Cerberus to our customers who need a helpdesk solution. We've used other helpdesk software before, but Cerberus has all the features we need to effectively manage our emails and tickets in a user-friendly manner. We started out with the free edition and we'll soon be upgrading to the Starter License and adding additional worker licenses as we continue to grow so that we can take advantage of the full feature set, including time tracking and CRM.
- Ellen K. Martin, President, InfoTeam Internet Solutions (2009)
When ThinkGeek started using Cerberus we soon realized how much wasted time we had spent dealing with conventional email clients. We became so efficient with our email customer relations using Cerberus that we started to get more work done elsewhere in the organization. No kidding! It's so easy to setup, maintain and use that we simply cannot imagine what life was like pre-cerberus. This isn't a TV Commercial, Cerberus works!
- Willie V., ThinkGeek
Cerberus has changed the way we deal with Customer Support mails and it has been instrumental in how we have scaled our operations with our Social game titles. I'm very happy with your team there and the progress that is being made on our feedback.
- Aoife B., Director of Customer Support, PopCap Games (2011)
We have tried and used at least a dozen different systems and help desk programs, and only Cerberus was able to meet all of our needs. Cerberus is flexible enough to allow us to set things up and work exactly the way we want to -- across our different product lines. But it's also simple enough that team members can jump right in and start using it. This allows our team to focus on the real task of helping our customers, rather than learning and struggling with software.
- Tony D. Clark, COO, Copyblogger Media LLC (2011)
Cerberus Helpdesk has been a great tool for us. It's helped us to focus our support resources to the areas that need it. The helpdesk software has made our support process much more streamlined. We are very happy with the software, and look forward to it's continued development.
- Scott Cliburn, Dictionary.com (2009)
We are using Cerb since 2010 to manage our communication and it is an essential tool for us. Thank you for the continuous development and great support.
- Stephan Watterott, CEO, Watterott electronic (2020)
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