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Cerb (10.4.11) is a maintenance update released on April 12, 2024. It includes 16 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.4 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Tickets/Merge/UX] On ticket profiles, the sort order of the ‘Merge’ ticket chooser autocompletion is now configurable with the APP_OPT_AUTOCOMPLETE_TICKET_QUERY configuration setting. This defaults to sort:-id which is the most efficient, but some environments have requested sort:-updated to view recently updated tickets first.

  • [Sheets] On sheets, selection: columns have an optional selectable@bool: parameter for conditionally disabling row selection. Thanks to @mryanb for the feature request.


  • [Records/Custom Fieldset] In custom fieldset worklists, the ID column is now available.

  • [Activity Log/Performance] The activity log no longer records when a worker deletes a draft.

  • [Notifications/Maintenance] Unread notifications now expire after 6 months.

  • [Records/Automations] The record.viewed automation event no longer triggers for record editor popups (only cards).

  • [Automations/Performance] Automation record lookups are now cached for the duration of a request. Previously, toolbars like mail.reply on the ticket profile could load multiple copies of the same automation.

  • [Tickets/Merge/UX] On ticket profiles, the ‘Merge’ chooser autocompletion now includes the created date, sender, and group. This makes it easier to differentiate tickets with similar subjects.

  • [Records/Tickets] In ticket record dictionaries, optimized the requesters key expansion. Previously this ran individual queries to fetch contact information for each participant. It now runs a single query per ticket regardless of the number of participants.

  • [Profiles/Performance] On record profiles, the ‘Record Fields’ widget is slightly more efficient. Previously, it could load a record twice if viewing the current profile record (opposed to viewing a related record).

  • [TimeTracking/Performance] Time Tracking Activity records are now cached to reduce database queries.

  • [Tickets/Performance] On ticket profiles, drastically optimized record lookups for attachments and comments. Previously, comments and sticky notes independently fetched their own attachments and custom fields. On a long ticket this could lead to 100+ extra queries. This data is now loaded preloaded once for all comments and notes.


  • [Profiles/Record Fields] On record profiles, fixed an issue with ‘Record Fields’ widgets with long field values. For instance, a long ‘URL’ field could push other values off the page without wrapping.

  • [Records/Cache/Performance] Fixed an issue with record dictionaries where the cache could be cleared too frequently during reads. The record.changed automation event establishes was_record_ dictionaries from the database and ignores the cache (e.g. custom fields/fieldsets), but this unintentionally cleared the cache on other records (e.g. workers) and lead to extra database lookups.

  • [Tickets/Performance] On ticket profiles, fixed an issue where messages without attachments lacked a negative cache from the initial preload. Each expanded message would independently load attachment data an extra time (which would also be blank).


  • [Security/Logging] The ?loglevel query parameter is now only available when DEVELOPMENT_MODE is enabled or a trusted IP is using the /cron endpoint.