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Cerb (7.3.13) is a maintenance update released on June 7, 2017. It includes 7 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 7.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Profiles/Group] Fixed an issue on group profiles. The ‘Members’ tab always showed every worker.

  • [Profiles/Bots] Fixed an issue on bot profiles. The count of custom fieldsets owned at the top was always zero.

  • [Worklists/Subtotals] Fixed an issue that prevented some worklists from subtotaling by ‘Owner’.

  • [Snippets/Worklists/Search] On snippet worklists, added a usableBy.worker: filter. This replaces a static group memberships check that could become out of sync.

  • [API/Custom Fields] Fixed an issue with custom fields in the REST API. Removing a value from a multi-checkbox custom field by prefixing it with - led to the addition of a new option on that field (e.g. -Option1), even though the value was properly removed from the target record.

  • [Bots/Worklists] When bots modify a worklist, the bot and behavior displayed above the worklist now open their respective cards for quick editing.

  • [Bots/Scripting] In bot scripting, added a new |unescape() filter that can decode HTML encoding. This is sometimes necessary when receiving HTML formatted content from a webhook and needing to relay it as a plaintext email or notification.