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Cerb (7.3.7) is a maintenance update released on March 27, 2017. It includes 13 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 7.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Worklists/Explore] Fixed an issue on ticket and message worklists. Using ‘Explore Mode’ on a very large worklist could cause a denial-of-service in MySQL.

  • [Maint/Tasks] Fixed an issue where the maintenance job was removing attachments if they were only linked to records and not attached to a message or comment.

  • [Mail/Parser] Fixed an issue where inline image attachments weren’t displaying on some HTML messages.

  • [Profiles/Links] Fixed an issue in the Links section at the top of ticket profiles. If the ticket wasn’t associated with an organization, links could still be set on the empty organization.

  • [Support Center] Fixed an issue in the Support Center portal on the ‘my account’ page. There were occasionally browser Javascript errors regarding $(img) (the profile picture) when blank.

  • [Nav/Notifications] Fixed an issue with the notifications worklist opened from the worker menu. The worker:me quick search filter didn’t work with the new deep search functionality. is added instead.

  • [Bots] Fixed an issue with bots in the ‘Before new mail is accepted’ event. The attachment name, size, and mime type conditions weren’t matching properly.

  • [Support Center/CAPTCHA] In the Support Center portal, on the Contact Us page, the CAPTCHA can now be configured to display for: Everyone, Anonymous visitors, or Nobody.

  • [Mail/Parser] Fixed an out-of-memory error in the email parser with some large HTML messages (>1MB) when a plaintext part need to be generated.

  • [Mail/Parser] Fixed an issue in the email parser when converting an HTML message into plaintext. In some cases the resulting content could be double-spaced.

  • [Bots/Calendars] Fixed an issue with the ‘Create calendar event’ action on bot behaviors. The list of calendars wasn’t loading properly.

  • [Bots/Connected Accounts] Fixed an issue in bots with the ‘Execute HTTP Request’ action using authorization from connected accounts. If the connected account changed the URL (e.g. to add an auth token query string param) this wasn’t reflected in the final request.

  • [Platform/Developers/Cards] When using the .cerbPeekTrigger() jQuery method to add card functionality to a UI element, the cerb-peek-opened event now includes a reference to the popup as well as context/id values. This makes it much easier to procedurally control the opened popup. For instance, a conversational bot can open the calendar event editor and pre-fill form fields based on its interaction with a worker.