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Cerb (8.0.4) is a maintenance update released on July 25, 2017. It includes 18 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Bots/Messages] In bots and snippets, added new message-based placeholders for reply_to and reply_cc. These provide a list of “reply to all” recipients based on the headers of the target message. For instance, this simplifies an auto-responder bot that needs to send a confirmation to all parties and not just the original sender.

  • [Bots/Actions] In bots, when using the ‘Execute HTTP Request’ action, new HTTP methods are available: PATCH, HEAD, and OPTIONS. In particular, PATCH is used by some APIs (like Salesforce) to support “upserts”.

  • [Profiles/UI] Fixed an issue on ticket profiles when Cerb was embedded an in IFRAME from another site. The .visible() jQuery plugin was throwing an error and interrupting other scripts.

  • [Bots/Actions] In bots, when using the ‘Send email’ action, the To:/Cc:/Bcc: fields now save multiple line scripts as their value. Previously these were being saved as a single line.

  • [UI/Platform] Added an explicit white background color to Cerb’s stylesheet. For instance, this prevents a different background color from being inherited when embedded in an IFRAME.

  • [Dashboards/Worklists] Fixed an issue with worklist widgets on dashboards. In some cases, the associated worklist couldn’t be re-edited.

  • [Worklists/Search/Tickets] On ticket worklists, added a closed: filter for searching by ticket closure date.

  • [Bots/Behaviors/Simulator] On bot behaviors, actions that use ‘Execute jQuery script’ now have simulator output for the script.

  • [Mail/Compose/Worklists] The compose popup now only inherits the group/bucket filter of an underlying worklist if they were singular. Previously, the first group was inherited as the ‘From:’ even if multiple groups were included in the filter.

  • [Platform] Fixed an issue with DevblocksPlatform::strParseQueryString(). When passing an empty string, it returned a non-empty array with an empty string as a key.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] Fixed an issue in ‘Record commented on’ behaviors. The placeholder for ‘Comment Target’ always inserted the comment’s ID instead.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] Fixed an issue with ‘Record changed’ behaviors where the behavior_* placeholders didn’t always reflect the current behavior. This occurred when multiple behaviors answered the same event.

  • [Mail] Fixed a PHP notice when the default sender address didn’t have an HTML template assigned.

  • [Custom Fields/Buckets] Custom fields can now be properly set when editing bucket records from cards.

  • [Localization] Added a language pack for ‘British English’.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] On ‘[UI] Before displaying a worklist’ behaviors, the current worker is now available as placeholders in conditions and actions.

  • [Notifications/Custom Fieldsets] Adding or removing custom fieldsets on a record no longer generates worker notifications. This can still be monitored from the activity log.

  • [Plugin Library] Connections to the plugin library now timeout in 10 seconds, rather than the default of 30. This helps prevent gateway timeouts during upgrades behind an outgoing firewall.