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Cerb (8.1.1) is a maintenance update released on September 11, 2017. It includes 11 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Security/Mailboxes] Fixed an issue where workers could access mailbox records through bots.

  • [Bots] On bots, when using the ‘Send email’ action, the group/bucket placeholders are available for the ‘From:’ address on more events (e.g. new message added to ticket).

  • [Setup/Import Package] Fixed an issue when importing packages. If a project board contained placeholders in card field names then the package wouldn’t pass validation.

  • [Portals] When deploying community portals, the index.php script now includes the REMOTE_SSL_VALIDATION option at the top. This is needed when using self-signed certificates.

  • [Portals] On a community portal with a self-signed certificate and SSL validation enabled, Cerb previously returned a blank page. A more helpful error message is now displayed.

  • [Bots] On bots, in ‘Before sending message’ behaviors, the prepend/append actions can now modify the ‘sent’ and ‘saved’ version of the message body separately. For instance, this allows sending disclaimers and survey links in email without saving them in the ticket history.

  • [Mail/Encryption/GPG] For mail encryption, the ./storage/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf file now has a default batch setting to prevent pinentry from running from the browser.

  • [Mail/HTML] When sending an HTML message from compose or reply, an original_message.html attachment is generated and linked to the outgoing message. In the conversation history, Cerb will now display the HTML version of the message rather than the plaintext.

  • [Mail/Parser] Fixed an issue where the inbound email parser was failing on messages with an S/MIME signature due to the flawed assumption that all signatures would be PGP.

  • [Buckets] Fixed an issue with the bucket editor. A validation error could be improperly returned for group_id is not a valid target record.

  • [Plugins/Webhooks] Fixed an issue with webhooks where a disabled bot or behavior could still be triggered.