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Cerb (9.3.4) is a maintenance update released on September 22, 2019. It includes 10 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 9.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Search/UX] Fixed an issue in the search popup title when a record type contained special characters like &. These were being shown as escaped HTML entities (e.g. &).

  • [Installer] Fixed an issue with the requirements tester in the installer. The SPATIAL INDEX test could fail in MySQL 5.7 because it must be added when the table is empty (POINT columns can’t be NULL).

  • [Dashboards/Form Interactions] Fixed an issue in form interaction widgets where multiple choice prompts were only using the last selected value.

  • [Profiles/Comments] Fixed an issue with comment widgets on profiles. Comments were only being displayed for the current record, even if a different target record was specified.

  • [Profiles/Comments/UX] On profiles, permalinks to specific comments are now available for every record type. Previously this was only supported on tickets. [#975]

  • [Sheets] On sheet widgets on profiles and dashboards, the label_template: parameter on search columns may now include basic HTML formatting (e.g. size, color). Previously this was sanitized. [#981]

  • [API/Records/Subtotals] Fixed an issue in the API when using the subtotals option on /rest/records/{alias}/search.json.

  • [Profiles/Comments/UX] On profiles, when a comment’s author is a worker, their title is now displayed to the right of their name. This is consistent with how messages display on tickets. [#985]

  • [Records/Profiles] On profiles for custom records, the Owner field is now available in ‘Record Fields’ widgets. [#987]

  • [Form Interactions/UX] In form interactions, increased the size of the multi-line text prompt.