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Cerb (9.3.7) is a maintenance update released on November 08, 2019. It includes 21 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 9.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Connected Services/OAuth2] Fixed an issue with OAuth2 service providers where the refresh token didn’t fetch a new access token.

  • [Mail/Parser] Fixed an issue in the email parser when creating tickets with a subject line longer than 255 characters. Previously, the subjects were blank. Now they are truncated.

  • [Package Library/Connected Services/Google] Updated the ‘Google’ connected service in the package library. The example wasn’t requesting a refresh token (i.e. access_type=offline), so the access token expired after an hour and required the connected account to be re-linked manually.

  • [Dashboards/Record Fields] Fixed an issue on ‘Record Fields’ workspace widgets. If the selected record type was ‘Notification’ then the widget returned an error and was no longer editable or deletable. [#1030]

  • [Records/API] Set image on orgs from records API. [#1036]

  • [Records/API] Set image on contacts from records API. [#1037]

  • [Records/API] Set image on bots from records API. [#1039]

  • [Records/API] Set image on custom records from records API. [#1038]

  • [Records/API] In the records API, profile image fields can be cleared by setting them to data:null.

  • [Custom Records] Fixed an issue with custom records where a renderer (e.g. widget) could attempt to load all records in order to display labels. This now properly just loads the involved records (e.g. links).

  • [Custom Records/Performance] Improved the performance of custom records. When information about an individual custom record was loaded it wasn’t using the cache. This caused extraneous database queries on some requests.

  • [Records/Performance/Messages] Improved the performance of message worklists. Contact records were being fetched individually rather than as a single set. This caused extraneous database queries on some requests.

  • [Mail/Attachments/UI] On message cards and conversations, the ‘Attachments’ section is now styled consistently with custom fields.

  • [Custom Records/Autocomplete/UX] On custom record worklists, the name: filter is now recommended first, and it suggests autocompletion values from live data.

  • [Security/Dependencies/Composer] Updated the robrichards/xmlseclibs dependency of the SAML service due to a security advisory.

  • [UI/Aesthetics] Fixed a stylistic issue in Chrome and Opera where relative dates in worklists (e.g. “2 hours ago”) had two different underline styles. [#1044]

  • [Records/Connected Accounts] On connected account cards and profiles, the ‘Service’ field is now clickable and opens that record’s card.

  • [Records/Drafts] On draft profiles, ‘Record Fields’ widgets can now display more fields: draft type, is queued, # queue fails, queue delivery date, and worker.

  • [Records/Search] On workspace page worklists, the name: filter autocompletion now suggests possible values from existing data.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] In bot behaviors, fixed an issue where ‘Record ID’ variables no longer supported key expansion when used with ‘Run Behavior’ or ‘Schedule Behavior’ actions.

  • [Records/Workers/Search] In worker worklists, added a using.workspace: filter. This returns the workers who are using the matching workspace pages in their navigation menu. The workspace pages may be specified using a deep search (e.g. using.workspace:(name:"Development")).