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Cerb (9.5.8) is a maintenance update released on July 17, 2020. It includes 11 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 9.5 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Records/Tickets] In the records API, the ticket group field may be set using a literal name (as an alternative to group_id).

  • [Packages/Library] Fixed an issue with the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ package. In bot scripting, the syntax for |replace() changed and this prevented some interactions from working properly.

  • [Profiles/Tickets/UI] On ticket profiles, fixed a display issue on collapsed messages with very few headers. This was improperly indenting the message and avatar.

  • [Bots/Interactions/Convos] Fixed an issue with conversational bot interactions when using the ‘Switch behavior’ action.

  • [Profiles/Tickets/Drafts] On ticket profiles, fixed an issue when editing a draft. Any notes on the draft were disappearing after it reloaded.

  • [Records/Behaviors] On behavior records, the ‘URI’ column may now be displayed in ‘Record Fields’ widgets.

  • [Bots/Interactions] On bot form interactions, added a bottom margin to paragraphs in ‘Respond with text’. This improves readability.

  • [Notifications/Explore/Comments/UX] Fixed a usability issue when viewing certain comment notifications in explore mode. Comments on drafts and messages were showing the worker’s own profile. They now properly show the parent ticket’s profile and focus the new comment.

  • [Bots/Interactions] In bot form interactions, the ‘Prompt with chooser’ action may now specify default record IDs for selection. [#1333]

  • [Records/Tickets] When using the records API to create tickets, the ‘importance’ field now properly defaults to 50 rather than 0. Previously the default was only being set for tickets created from inbound email. [#1335]

  • [Records/Tasks] When creating tasks from the records API, the ‘importance’ field now properly defaults to 50 rather than 0. This is consistent with creating tasks through the UI.