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Cerb has 2 new maintenance updates, a bunch of new how-to guides, and a new issue tracker

2 new maintenance updates

If you haven’t upgraded Cerb since the 7.3 release, there are two additional maintenance updates that smooth out a few rough edges. The two most common reports had to do with attachments and notifications opening cards instead of new browser tabs, and those workflows are both much more efficient now.

You can find those release notes here:

6 new how-to guides

We just added these new how-to guides:

We’ll be posting new guides and tips every week. Let us know what other topics you’d like us to write about.

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6 new tips

Here are the new tips and tricks:

New project management site

We’re also moving all of our project management (bug reports and feature requests) from JIRA to GitHub.

If you have a (free) GitHub account, you can report issues, make feature requests, participate in discussions, and subscribe to issues for real-time status update notifications.

Thanks for using Cerb!

Thanks for supporting Cerb’s development. Keep the great feedback coming!