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Tip: Private shared workspaces with roles

When you create a workspace in Cerb, the owner determines who is able to use or modify it.

  • App-owned workspaces can be used by everyone, but can only be modified by admins.
  • Role-owned workspaces can be used by anyone in that role, but can only be modified by admins.
  • Group-owned workspaces can be used by group members, but can only be modified by group managers.
  • Worker-owned workspaces can only be used or modified by that worker.

Sometimes you need to share a workspace with a few workers from different groups, while hiding it from everyone else. You can handle this with role-owned workspaces.

You’ll need to be an admin to create a new role.

From the global Search menu, select Roles.

Click the (+) icon above the worklist to add a new role.

Give a Name: to the new role.

In Apply to:, you can assign individual workers or entire groups.

For Privileges just select None.

Then click the Save Changes button.

Now from the Search » Workspace Pages menu, you can use the new role as the owner when creating a new workspace or reassigning an existing one.