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Cerb Cloud price changes (effective November 1, 2018)

We’re simplifying the pricing of Cerb Cloud, and introducing optional enhanced support plans.


Effective November 1, 2018:

  • Cerb Cloud subscriptions are $30/seat-month (billed yearly) or $35/seat-month (billed monthly). Both prices are clearly displayed, rather than only showing the cheaper annual rate.

  • We are retiring all “grandfathered” rate discounts.

  • We removed the tiers (Startup/Corporate/Enterprise), minimum commitments, and initial discount for seats. These tiers have historically only affected services (e.g. support, infrastructure) and have never restricted features. The distinction was causing confusion.

  • We will fully manage your infrastructure as needed, without extra costs, and without you having to determine for yourself when it’s time for something esoteric like a dedicated database cluster with read replicas. We’ll keep your instance of Cerb running smoothly, as your team size changes, and through traffic spikes (seasonal or otherwise).

  • You can now optionally add a higher priority technical support plan (Corporate/Enterprise) to any existing subscription. These are billed on a monthly basis with no long-term commitments. For instance, you can engage priority support only when you have an urgent issue, when you want to tune up your workflows with a live hands-on team training session, or when building integrations. You don’t need to pay extra in advance “just in case” you might need extra support.

  • The scope, response time guarantees, and benefits of these new support plans are clearly defined. We now include live webinar assistance for building workflows, having real-time guided tours through new features, and for team training sessions with interactive Q&A. We’ve also added new autonomy-related benefits, like having access to temporary staging environments to test new upcoming functionality changes with a copy of your production data, and being able to schedule major upgrades at your own convenience.

  • Priority support plans do have minimum commitments to ensure you have our full attention and the highest level of service in a sustainable way.

  • For existing annual renewals that expire after November 1 2018, you will receive a pro-rated service credit when these new rates are less than what you paid. You will also receive the better of your current support agreement or the equivalent new plans.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for using Cerb!