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Cerb (10.0.1) is a maintenance update released on May 26, 2021. It includes 13 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Portals/Webhooks] On webhook portals, requests are now handled with webhook.respond automations. Behaviors are still supported through 10.x but should be migrated to automations.

  • [Mail/Templates] On mail HTML templates, a new message_token placeholder is now available. The placeholder value is a unique token on the draft that is synchronized with the eventual message once delivered. This makes it much easier to implement links that securely refer back to a specific message.

  • [Automations/Help] In the automations editor, when using the ‘Trigger:’ chooser interaction, the sheet now contains a description for each trigger.

  • [Automations] Fixed an issue on the automation editor when using the ‘Trigger:’ chooser interaction where filtering the sheet didn’t work.

  • [Records/Drafts] In draft record dictionaries, the type key is now available (mail.compose, mail.transactional, ticket.reply, ticket.forward).

  • [Records/Drafts] In draft record dictionaries, the params key is now available. This contains all of the draft parameters based on the type. See:

  • [Automations] In automations, the var.expand: command no longer requires a key: input. When omitted, key expansion happens in the root dictionary.

  • [Mail/Reply] Fixed an issue with the compose and reply editors where a To:, Cc:, or Bcc: with a symbol like # returned an error. Thanks to @mryanb for the bug report! [#1456]

  • [Toolbars/Help] In toolbar editors, the help button now provides a full reference for: placeholders, inputs, output, and after: options.

  • [Resources/Storage] Fixed an issue when deleting ‘Resource’ records where the underlying storage object wasn’t removed.

  • [Automations/Log] In automations, fixed an issue with the log: command where an error was returned if the log message was empty. The command is now just ignored in that situation.

  • [Website Interactions] On website interactions, improved how the form:title: is escaped. This fixed an issue where some special characters were escaped as HTML entities.

  • [Website Interactions/UX] In the automation editor for website interactions, autocompletion is now provided for await:form:elements:text:, and await:form:elements:textarea:.