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Cerb (10.2.1) is a maintenance update released on March 11, 2022. It includes 12 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.2 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Data Queries/Subtotals] In worklist.subtotals data queries on ticket records, the by: can subtotal on a new virtual group_bucket field. This returns both the group and bucket names in the label. Previously, grouping by bucket returned just the bucket name, which often contained many ambiguous duplicates like “Inbox”. Thanks to 1Password for the feature request.


  • [Records/Fieldsets] In the records API, using the fieldsets field, fieldsets can now be removed by prefixing their IDs with a minus sign (-).

  • [Mail/Notes] When sending mail, the #start note command now defaults to Markdown enabled.

  • [Packages/Demo] In the demo package, replaced the Russian example company with a Ukrainian company. 🇺🇦 Stand with Ukraine.

  • [Data Queries/Subtotals] In worklist.subtotals data queries, an error is now returned for unknown by: fields. Previously these were ignored.

  • [Dashboards/Charts] In pie chart widgets on profiles and workspaces, data queries can now use the ${key} untrusted placeholder syntax.

  • [Interactions/Worker] On interaction.worker automations, await:interaction:inputs: now provides autocomplete suggestions.


  • [Localization] Removed the Russian translation.


  • [Behaviors/Metrics] Fixed an issue with metrics on behaviors. These weren’t being recorded for behaviors that ran outside of events (e.g. conversations, record changed, macros).

  • [Sheets/UI] Fixed an issue in Firefox with sheets using the ‘columns’ layout. A single option could be split across multiple columns (e.g. icon, title, content). Thanks to @mryanb for reporting.

  • [Interactions/Workers] Fixed an issue with worker interactions when using an await:interaction: before an await:form:. Thanks to 1Password for reporting the issue.

  • [Custom Fields] Fixed an issue when editing custom fields within a fieldset. After saving, the fieldset was inefficiently re-linked to all records with a value, which could be expensive for commonly used fields. This linking now only happens when the fieldset changes. Thanks to @mryanb for the bug report.