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Cerb (10.2.2) is a maintenance update released on March 18, 2022. It includes 15 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.2 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Automations/Attachments] When creating attachments from an automation using the record.create: command, the mime_type: can now be application/vnd.cerb.uri with an automation resource URI as the content:. This makes it possible to pipe http.request: output directly to an attachment record in all cases (text, binary, large binary stream). Large files (e.g. 100MB) can be efficiently fetched and saved from a URL this way with very low memory usage. The bytes are never loaded into the automation state. Thanks to 1Password for the request.

  • [Search/Performance] In Setup->Configure->Search, custom stop words can be added to MySQL Fulltext search schemas. This makes searches more efficient by ignoring very common words. We automatically include the InnoDB stop words list. Custom stop words might be ‘http’ or your organization’s name. Keep an eye on the slow query log for tuning this. It will generally only be useful once you have millions of records.


  • [Automations/Editor] In the automation editor, the script and policy syntax are now validated before running the simulator. Previously, these issues were only reported when saving.


  • [Search/Custom Fields/Performance] In worklists, optimized sorting by a high-usage custom field. Some queries that previously timed out are now properly instantaneous.

  • [Worklists/Subtotals] In worklists, improved performance when subtotaling on a high-usage custom field.

  • [Records/Merge] Fixed an issue with merging ticket records where the updated field wasn’t shown in the merge mapping popup. Thanks to 1Password for the report.

  • [Support Center] Fixed an issue in the Support Center when displaying a custom field in the knowledgebase article or ticket history worklists.

  • [Packages] In Setup->Packages, an error is now returned if the imported package wouldn’t create or modify any records. Previously, this returned a blank summary with no indication of what happened.

  • [Portals/Interactions] Fixed website interaction portals in browsers that (properly) hide the nonce attribute from the DOM. After recent browser updates this included everything except for Safari. This has been tested in the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Edge, Brave, and Opera.

  • [Tickets/Drafts] Fixed an issue where ticket.reply drafts couldn’t be resumed or sent on a ticket if it had no other messages.

  • [Automations] Fixed an issue with running an automation that has a malformed policy. The policy is validated before saving, so this generally only affected the simulator.

  • [Project Boards] Fixed an issue in project boards where unlinked cards weren’t being removed. Thanks to @DaftBrit for the report. [#1633]

  • [Project Boards] Fixed an issue on project boards where the events for card popups were added after each redraw of the board. For instance, if a project board widget was reloaded five times and then a card was edited, the card would also be refreshed five times.

  • [Tasks] Fixed an issue with creating tasks from the package library.


  • [Security/Portals/Interactions] Improved the security of website interaction portals. All script blocks must now include a unique nonce attribute which must match the original request headers to be included. Previously, this attribute was validated on the first script block, but automatically added to subsequent scripts from Ajax requests.