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Cerb (10.2.7) is a maintenance update released on September 03, 2022. It includes 11 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.2 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Interactions/Workers] On worker interactions, the editor: form element can now specify a readonly@bool: option. This prevents text in the editor from being modified, but still provides syntax highlighting and toolbar functionality.

  • [Interactions/Worker] In worker interactions, the editor: form element can use the line_numbers@bool: option to show or hide line numbers in the left gutter. Line numbers are shown by default.

  • [UI/Stylesheet] On ticket profiles, added a new data-cerb-message-sender DOM attribute on messages. This makes it easier to override UI styles based on sender.

  • [Automation/Scripting] In automation scripting, the dict_set() function can now specify an optional delimiter. The default delimiter is a period (.) which can occasionally conflict with key names in the path.


  • [Time Tracking/UX] When creating a new time tracking entry, the default time input is blank rather than ‘0 secs’ and it is automatically focused when started from an interaction. Previously, this tediously required workers to highlight the default text, delete it, and replace it.

  • [Records/Search] In record worklists, the links: filter now offers autocomplete suggestions for possible record types.


  • [Mail/Compose] When composing a new email, the ‘Organization:’ field will now properly create new organizations. Thanks to @Edward-git0 for reporting! [#1669]

  • [Interactions/Worker] In worker interactions, the sheet:toolbar: option now properly provides syntax autocompletion suggestions. This adds toolbars to sheet: elements in forms.

  • [Records/Avatars] Fixed an issue with the profile image editor where the current profile image could initially appear blank until manipulated in some way (e.g. panned, zoomed).

  • [Records/Avatars] Fixed an issue with the profile image editor when selecting one of the default silhouettes. Manipulating the image after selection (e.g. panning, zooming) would revert to the previous image.

  • [Automations/Files] In automations, the command now properly runs on_error: or exits in the error state if a file is unreadable (e.g. malformed, encrypted).