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Cerb (10.4.14) is a maintenance update released on May 16, 2024. It includes 12 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.4 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Connected Accounts/OAuth2] In OAuth2 connected accounts, a new ‘Authorization Code with PKCE’ grant type is available. This automatically handles the ‘Proof Key for Code Exchange’ extension for APIs that require it (e.g. Salesforce).

  • [Automations/Scripting] Added a cerb_current_worker() function to automation scripting to return the current worker session (if any). This is particularly useful in situations where a current_worker_ placeholder isn’t available (e.g. sheet profile widgets). The optional expand parameter provides a comma-separated list or array of keys to expand (e.g. customfields).

  • [Records/Addresses] On email address worklists, added a worker: deep search filter. For instance, this can filter email addresses linked to deactivated workers.


  • [Automations/Connected Accounts] In automations, the http.request: command with an OAuth2 connected account will now properly utilize refresh tokens in response to a ‘401 Unauthenticated’ HTTP response. The refresh is only attempted once per request. Previously, this was only refreshing if the access token included an expires_in properly. This didn’t handle other situations like server-revoked tokens or APIs that don’t include an explicit expiration.

  • [Debug] The DEVELOPMENT_MODE_ALLOW_DEBUG may now be a comma-delimited string with options status,phpinfo,report,check to enable only specific debug actions. A boolean value of true enables everything, and false or omission disables the debug endpoint.

  • [Automations] The cerb.ticket.assign automation now accepts an optional worker: input for directly setting a new owner without prompting. This can be used to more easily add a ‘Take’ button to ticket profiles. [#1784]

  • [Records/Log/Workers] The activity log now records when a worker account is created using the record.created event. [#1785]

  • [Interactions/Website/Styles] In interactions, removed the drop shadow from sheet: form elements.

  • [Worklists/Orgs] Organization worklists may now be subtotalled by the ‘Name’ field.


  • [Connected Accounts/OAuth2] In OAuth2 connected accounts, the error and error_description params are now properly cleared when an access token is successfully retrieved. Previously these keys were merged into the new token.

  • [Groups/Roles] Fixed an issue when editing a worker where group memberships were updated after rebuilding roles. This caused any roles based on groups to not update properly. Thanks to @nicholsk18 for the bug report. [#1770]

  • [Automations] Fixed an issue in the automation editor where changing the trigger event removed the ‘show changes’ and ‘export’ buttons from the toolbar.