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Email Address

Name (singular): Email Address
Name (plural): Email Addresses
Alias (uri): address
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.contexts.address

Records API

These fields are available in the Records API and packages:

Req’d Field Type Notes
  contact_id number The contact linked to this email
  created_at timestamp The date/time when this record was created
x email text An email address
  host text The hostname of the email address
  is_banned boolean Is incoming email blocked?
  is_defunct boolean Is this address non-deliverable?
  is_trusted boolean Is this sender trusted to display external images and links?
  links links An array of record type:id tuples to link to. Prefix with - to unlink.
  mail_transport_id number If this address is used for outgoing mail, the mail transport to use; otherwise empty
  org text The exact name of the organization linked to this email address; alternative to org_id
  org_id number The organization linked to this email
  updated timestamp The date/time when this record was last modified
  worker_id number Is this address owned by a worker?

Dictionary Placeholders

These placeholders are available in dictionaries for automations, snippets, and API responses:

Field Type Description
_context text Record type extension ID
_label text Label
_type text Record type alias
address text Address
contact_ record Contact
created_at date Created
full_name text Full Name
host text Host
id number Id
is_banned boolean Is Banned
is_contact boolean Is Contact
is_defunct boolean Is Defunct
is_trusted boolean Is Trusted
mail_transport_ record Mail Transport
num_nonspam number # Nonspam
num_spam number # Spam
org_ record Org
record_url text Record Url
updated date Updated
worker_ record Worker

These optional placeholders are also available with key expansion in dictionaries and the API:

Field Type Description
comment_count number Comment count on the record
comments comments Comments
custom_<id> mixed Custom Fields
last_recipient_message record Latest Message Received To
last_sender_message record Latest Message Sent From
links links Links
watchers watchers Watchers

Search Query Fields

These filters are available in email address search queries:

Field Type Description
comments: fulltext Comment Content
contact: record Contact chooser Contact
created: date Created
email: text Email
fieldset: record Fieldset
host: text Host
id: number Id
isBanned: boolean Is Banned
isDefunct: boolean Is Defunct
isTrusted: boolean Is Trusted
links: links Record Links chooser Email Transport
nonspam: number # Nonspam
org: record Org chooser Organization Id
spam: number # Spam
ticket: record Ticket chooser Ticket
updated: date Updated
watchers: record Watchers
worker: record Worker chooser Worker

Worklist Columns

These columns are available on email address worklists:

Column Description
a_contact_id Contact
a_created_at Created
a_email Email
a_host Host
a_id Id
a_is_banned Is Banned
a_is_defunct Is Defunct
a_is_trusted Is Trusted
a_mail_transport_id Email Transport
a_num_nonspam # Nonspam
a_num_spam # Spam
a_updated Updated
a_worker_id Worker
cf_<id> Custom Field
o_name Organization