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A record is a distinctly identifiable entity.

At the core of Cerb is a record management system for organizing your team’s data.

Two pieces of information are needed to refer to any record:

  1. The record type (e.g. contact, organization, worker).

  2. The unique numeric identifier (“ID”) within that particular record type. IDs are automatically assigned when a new record is created.


Each record type has a set of fields to describe its attributes. Your first name and age would be two fields that describe you.

Fields types determine what type of data is stored in a field.

Field Type Description
Boolean A true or false value, represented by 1 or 0 respectively
Context A record type
Extension A plugin extension
Float A floating point number
Image A Base64-encoded images
Links A list of context:id pairs representing linked records
Number An integer (whole number)
Object A collection of keys and their associated values
Text Free-form text
Timestamp A 32-bit Unix timestamp integer, representing the number of elapsed seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT
URL A web page URL

Here’s what the fields for a basic worker record might look like for someone on your team:

Field Type Value
ID Number 1
First name Text Kina
Last name Text Halpue
Job title Text Support Manager
Photo File
Administrator Boolean yes
Email address Record kina@cerb.example
Mobile number Phone +1-555-123-4567
Location Text Los Angeles, California, USA
Gender Text female
Created at Date 2002-01-09 04:27:01 UTC
Updated at Date 2018-08-30 10:32:00 UTC

Record Types

Built-in record types:

Alias Record
activity_log Activity Logs
address Email Addresses
attachment Attachments
behavior Behaviors
bot Bots
bucket Buckets
calendar_event Calendar Events
calendar_recurring_event Calendar Recurring Events
calendar Calendars
classifier_class Classifications
classifier_entity Classifier Entities
classifier_example Classifier Examples
classifier Classifiers
comment Comments
community_portal Community Portals
connected_account Connected Accounts
connected_service Connected Services
contact Contacts
currency Currencies
custom_field Custom Fields
custom_fieldset Custom Fieldsets
custom_record Custom Records
draft Drafts
email_signature Email Signatures
file_bundle File Bundles
gpg_public_key Public Keys
group Groups
html_template Email Templates
mail_transport Email Transports
mailbox Email Mailboxes
message Email Messages
notification Notifications
org Organizations
oauth_app OAuth Apps
profile_tab Profile Tabs
profile_widget Profile Widgets
reminder Reminders
role Roles
saved_search Saved Searches
scheduled_behavior Scheduled Behaviors
skill Skills
skillset Skillsets
snippet Snippets
task Tasks
ticket Tickets
worker Workers
workspace_list Workspace Worklists
workspace_page Workspace Pages
workspace_tab Workspace Tabs
workspace_widget Workspace Widgets

Plugin-provided record types:

Alias Record
call Calls
domain Domains
feed_item Feed Items
feed Feeds
feedback Feedback
kb_article Knowledgebase Articles
kb_category Knowledgebase Categories
opportunity Opportunities
project_board_column Project Board Columns
project_board Project Boards
sensor Sensors
server Servers
time_entry Time Tracking Entries
timetracking_activity Time Tracking Activities
twitter_message Twitter Messages
webapi_credentials Web API Keys
webhook_listener Webhooks