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Visual insight from highly customizable widgets

Dashboards provide visual insight with collections of highly customizable widgets. Most widgets take a data query as input.

Dashboards are responsive – they automatically adapt to various screen sizes on different devices. If you have a narrow screen like a smartphone held vertically, you may only be able to display a single column of widgets. On a much larger desktop display, the same dashboard could display multiple horizontal columns of widgets.

Widgets can have different sizes relative to each other. For example, a large chart may be configured to display 2X-4X as wide as the widgets adjacent to it when that much space is available.

By configuring the layout of a dashboard, different zones become available for widgets to use. For instance, two zones could be a left-hand sidebar and a larger content area to the right of it. Widgets determine their size based on the zone they are in. These zones will also collapse to a single column when a device’s screen is too narrow.