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Data Queries

Retrieve complex data using simple text queries and drive visualizations

Data queries retrieve data with simple textual queries and prepare the results for visualizations.

These textual queries are very simple to automate in bot behaviors, dashboard widgets, or the API.

Every data query begins by specifying a type, like type:worklist.subtotals. Additional fields are available depending on the type of data being requested.

Data is returned in JSON format. A format: parameter prepares the response for different visualizations.

Running data queries

Dashboard widgets

Data queries can be used to build visualizations on dashboards.

Bot behaviors

All bot behaviors can use the Execute » Data Query action to run a data query and retrieve the results.

This is a much simpler way to exchange information between bots and APIs.


As an administrator, you can test data queries from Setup » Developers » Data Query Tester.


Data queries can be run from the API using the /data/query endpoint.

For a GET the query should be provided in the q query parameter.

For a POST the query should be provided as text in the HTTP request body.

The results will always be in JSON format. This is now the recommended way to extract data from worklists and bots for use in other applications.