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Record Types

Cerb includes many built-in record types. You can create your own custom record types, and new types may also be introduced by plugins.

This reference can be used when building bot behaviors, search queries, data queries, or working with the API.

Built-in record types

Alias Record
activity_log Activity Logs
address Email Addresses
attachment Attachments
behavior Behaviors
bot Bots
bucket Buckets
calendar_event Calendar Events
calendar_recurring_event Calendar Recurring Events
calendar Calendars
classifier_class Classifications
classifier_entity Classifier Entities
classifier_example Classifier Examples
classifier Classifiers
comment Comments
community_portal Community Portals
connected_account Connected Accounts
connected_service Connected Services
contact Contacts
currency Currencies
custom_field Custom Fields
custom_fieldset Custom Fieldsets
custom_record Custom Records
draft Drafts
email_signature Email Signatures
file_bundle File Bundles
gpg_public_key Public Keys
group Groups
html_template Email Templates
mail_transport Email Transports
mailbox Email Mailboxes
message Email Messages
notification Notifications
org Organizations
oauth_app OAuth Apps
package Packages
profile_tab Profile Tabs
profile_widget Profile Widgets
reminder Reminders
role Roles
saved_search Saved Searches
scheduled_behavior Scheduled Behaviors
skill Skills
skillset Skillsets
snippet Snippets
task Tasks
ticket Tickets
worker Workers
workspace_list Workspace Worklists
workspace_page Workspace Pages
workspace_tab Workspace Tabs
workspace_widget Workspace Widgets

Plugin-provided record types

Alias Record
call Calls
domain Domains
feed_item Feed Items
feed Feeds
feedback Feedback
kb_article Knowledgebase Articles
kb_category Knowledgebase Categories
opportunity Opportunities
project_board_column Project Board Columns
project_board Project Boards
sensor Sensors
server Servers
time_entry Time Tracking Entries
timetracking_activity Time Tracking Activities
twitter_message Twitter Messages
webapi_credentials Web API Keys
webhook_listener Webhooks