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Name (singular): Message
Name (plural): Messages
Alias (uri): message
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.contexts.message

Records API

These fields are available in the Records API and packages:

Req’d Field Type Notes
x content text Message content
  created timestamp The date/time when this record was created
  hash_header_message_id text A SHA-1 hash of the Message-Id: header; used for message threading
x headers text Message headers
  html_attachment_id number The attachment ID containing the HTML message content
  is_broadcast boolean Was this message sent using the broadcast feature?
  is_not_sent boolean Was this message saved without sending?
  is_outgoing boolean Was this an outgoing reply from a worker?
  links links An array of record type:id tuples to link to. Prefix with - to unlink.
  response_time number Response time in seconds
  sender text The email address of the sender; alternative to sender_id
x sender_id number The ID of the sender’s email address record
  storage_size number Size of the message in bytes
x ticket_id number The ID of the message’s ticket record
  ticket_mask text The parent ticket mask; alternative to ticket_id
  token text A random unique identifier for the message (synchronized with draft)
  was_encrypted boolean Was the message sent encrypted?
  worker text The worker who sent the message (if any); alternative to worker_id
  worker_id number If outgoing, the ID of the worker who sent the message

Dictionary Placeholders

These placeholders are available in dictionaries for automations, snippets, and API responses:

Field Type Description
_context text Record type extension ID
_label text Label
_type text Record type alias
created date Created
html_attachment_id number Html Attachment Id
id number Id
is_broadcast boolean Is Broadcast
is_not_sent boolean Is Not Sent
is_outgoing boolean Is Outgoing
record_url text Record Url
response_time seconds Response Time
sender_ record Sender
signed_at date Signed At
signed_key_fingerprint text Signed By
storage_size number Size (Bytes)
ticket_ record Ticket
token text Token
was_encrypted boolean Is Encrypted
worker_ record Sender Worker

These optional placeholders are also available with key expansion in dictionaries and the API:

Field Type Description
attachments attachments Attachments
comment_count number Comment count on the record
comments comments Comments
content text Content
content_html text Content (Html)
custom_<id> mixed Custom Fields
headers hashmap Headers
links links Links
reply_cc text Cc: recipients (comma-separated)
reply_to text To: recipients (comma-separated)

Search Query Fields

These filters are available in message search queries:

Field Type Description
attachments: record Attachments
content: fulltext Content
created: date Created
fieldset: record Fieldset text Cc
header.deliveredTo: text Delivered-To
header.from: text From
header.messageId: text Message-Id Header text To
id: context Id
isBroadcast: boolean Is Broadcast
isEncrypted: boolean Is Encrypted
isNotSent: boolean Is Not Sent
isOutgoing: boolean Is Outgoing
links: links Record Links
notes: record Notes
responseTime: number Response Time
sender: record Sender chooser Sender date Signed At
signed.fingerprint: text Signed By
size: number Size
ticket: record Ticket chooser Bucket chooser Bucket chooser Group chooser Bucket chooser Ticket Id
token: text Token
worker: record Worker chooser Worker

Worklist Columns

These columns are available on message worklists:

Column Description
*_has_fieldset Fieldset
a_email Email
cf_<id> Custom Field
m_address_id Sender
m_created_date Created
m_is_broadcast Is Broadcast
m_is_not_sent Is Not Sent
m_is_outgoing Is Outgoing
m_response_time Response Time
m_signed_at Signed At
m_signed_key_fingerprint Signed By
m_ticket_id Ticket Id
m_token Token
m_was_encrypted Is Encrypted
m_worker_id Worker
t_bucket_id Bucket
t_group_id Group
t_mask Mask
t_subject Subject