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Name (singular): Ticket
Name (plural): Tickets
Alias (uri): ticket
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.contexts.ticket

Records API

These fields are available in the Records API and packages:

Req’d Field Type Notes
  bucket text The bucket name of the ticket; alternative to bucket_id. If used, a group or group_id must also be provided at the same time.
  bucket_id number The ID of the bucket containing this ticket
  closed timestamp The date/time this ticket was first set to status closed
  created timestamp The date/time when this record was created
  fieldsets fieldsets An array or comma-separated list of custom fieldset IDs. Prefix an ID with - to remove.
  group text The group of the ticket; alternative to group_id
x group_id number The ID of the group containing this ticket
  importance number A number from 0 (least) to 100 (most)
  links links An array of record type:id tuples to link to. Prefix with - to unlink.
  mask text The randomized reference number for this ticket; auto-generated if blank
  org text The exact name of the organization linked to this ticket; alternative to org_id
  org_id number The ID of the organization linked to this ticket; alternative to org
  owner_id number The ID of the worker responsible for this ticket
  participant_ids text A comma-separated list of email addresses IDs to add or remove as participants. Prefix an ID with - to remove
  participants text A comma-separated list of email addresses to add as participants
  reopen_date timestamp If status waiting, the date/time to automatically change the status back to open
  spam_score float 0.0001 (not spam) to 0.9999 (spam); automatically generated
  spam_training text S (spam), N (not spam); blank for non-trained
  status text o (open), w (waiting), c (closed), d (deleted); alternative to status_id
  status_id number 0 (open), 1 (waiting), 2 (closed), 3 (deleted); alternative to status
x subject text The subject of the ticket
  updated timestamp The date/time when this record was last modified

Dictionary Placeholders

These placeholders are available in dictionaries for automations, snippets, and API responses:

Field Type Description
_context text Record type extension ID
_label text Label
_type text Record type alias
bucket_ record Bucket
closed date Closed
created date Created
elapsed_resolution_first seconds First Resolution
elapsed_response_first seconds First Response
elapsed_status_open seconds Time Spent Open
group_ record Group
id number Id
importance number Importance
initial_message_ record Initial Message
initial_response_message_ record Initial Response Message
latest_message_ record Latest Message
mask text Mask
num_messages number # Messages
num_messages_in number # Messages In
num_messages_out number # Messages Out
org_ record Org
owner_ record Owner
reopen_date date Reopen At
spam_score percent Spam Score
spam_training text Spam Training
status text Status
subject text Subject
updated date Updated
url text Url

These optional placeholders are also available with key expansion in dictionaries and the API:

Field Type Description
_messages records Messages
attachments attachments Attachments
comment_count number Comment count on the record
comments comments Comments
custom_<id> mixed Custom Fields
latest_incoming_activity date Latest Incoming Activity
latest_outgoing_activity date Latest Outgoing Activity
links links Links
participants records Participants
requester_emails text Requester Emails (Comma-Separated)
requesters hashmap Requesters
signature text Signature
watchers watchers Watchers

Search Query Fields

These filters are available in ticket search queries:

Field Type Description
bucket: record Bucket chooser Bucket
closed: date Closed
comments: record Comments
comments.first: record Comments First
comments.last: record Comments Last
created: date Created
fieldset: record Fieldset
group: record Group chooser Group
id: number Id
importance: number Importance
inGroupsOf: virtual In Groups Of Worker
lastOpenedAt: date Last Opened At
links: links Record Links
mask: text Mask
messages: record Messages
messages.count: number # Messages number # Messages In
messages.count.out: number # Messages Out
messages.first: record Messages First
messages.firstOutgoing: record Messages First Outgoing
messages.last: record Messages Last
org: record Org chooser Organization
owner: record Owner chooser Owner
participant: record Participant chooser Participant Id
reopen: date Reopen At
resolution.first: number First Resolution
response.first: number First Response
responsibility: number Responsibility
spam.score: number Spam Score virtual Spam Training
status: virtual Status number Status
subject: text Subject
timeSpentOpen: number Time Spent Open
updated: date Updated
watchers: record Watchers
watchers.count: virtual Watchers Count
worker.commented: virtual Worker Commented
worker.replied: virtual Worker Replied

Worklist Columns

These columns are available on ticket worklists:

Column Description
*_participant_search Participants
*_status Status
cf_<id> Custom Field
t_bucket_id Bucket
t_closed_at Closed
t_created_date Created
t_elapsed_resolution_first First Resolution
t_elapsed_response_first First Response
t_elapsed_status_open Time Spent Open
t_first_wrote_address_id First Wrote
t_group_id Group
t_id Id
t_importance Importance
t_last_opened_at Last Opened At
t_last_wrote_address_id Last Wrote
t_mask Mask
t_num_messages # Messages
t_num_messages_in # Messages In
t_num_messages_out # Messages Out
t_org_id Organization
t_owner_id Owner
t_reopen_at Reopen At
t_spam_score Spam Score
t_spam_training Spam Training
t_subject Subject
t_updated_date Updated
wtb_responsibility Responsibility