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Name (singular): Comment
Name (plural): Comments
Alias (uri): comment
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.contexts.comment

Records API

These fields are available in the Records API and packages:

Req’d Field Type Notes
x author__context context The record type of the comment’s author
x author_id number The ID of the comment’s author
x comment text The text of the comment
  created timestamp The date/time when this record was created
  is_markdown boolean 0=plaintext, 1=Markdown
  is_pinned boolean 0=not pinned, 1=pinned
  links links An array of record type:id tuples to link to. Prefix with - to unlink.
x target__context context The record type of the target record
x target_id number The ID of the target record

Dictionary Placeholders

These placeholders are available in dictionaries for automations, snippets, and API responses:

Field Type Description
_context text Record type extension ID
_label text Label
_type text Record type alias
author_ record Author
comment text Content
created date Created
id number Id
target_ record Target

These optional placeholders are also available with key expansion in dictionaries and the API:

Field Type Description
attachments attachments Attachments
custom_<id> mixed Custom Fields
links links Links

Search Query Fields

These filters are available in comment search queries:

Field Type Description
attachments: record Attachments
author: text Actor
author.<type>: record Actor
comment: fulltext Comment Content
created: date Created
fieldset: record Fieldset
id: number Id
isMarkdown: boolean Markdown
isPinned: boolean Is Pinned
links: links Record Links
on: text On Type
on.<type>: record Target

Worklist Columns

These columns are available on comment worklists:

Column Description
*_target Target
c_created Created
c_id Id
c_is_markdown Markdown
c_is_pinned Is Pinned
cf_<id> Custom Field