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Knowledgebase Article

Name (singular): Knowledgebase Article
Name (plural): Knowledgebase Articles
Alias (uri): kb_article
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.contexts.kb_article

Records API

These fields are available in the Records API and packages:

Req’d Field Type Notes
  categories text A comma-separated list of IDs of categories to assign this article to
  content text The content of the article
  format text text, markdown, or html
  links links An array of record type:id tuples to link to. Prefix with - to unlink.
x title text The title of the article
  updated timestamp The date/time when this record was last modified
  views number The number of times the article has been viewed in a community portal

Dictionary Placeholders

These placeholders are available in dictionaries for automations, snippets, and API responses:

Field Type Description
_context text Record type extension ID
_label text Label
_type text Record type alias
content text Content
format text Format
id number Id
record_url text Record Url
title text Title
updated date Updated
views number Views

These optional placeholders are also available with key expansion in dictionaries and the API:

Field Type Description
attachments attachments Attachments
categories hashmap Categories
comment_count number Comment count on the record
comments comments Comments
custom_<id> mixed Custom Fields
links links Links
watchers watchers Watchers

Search Query Fields

These filters are available in knowledgebase article search queries:

Field Type Description chooser Category
content: fulltext Content
fieldset: record Fieldset
format: text Format
id: number Id
links: links Record Links
title: text Title
updated: date Updated
views: number Views
watchers: record Watchers

Worklist Columns

These columns are available on knowledgebase article worklists:

Column Description
cf_<id> Custom Field
kb_format Format
kb_id Id
kb_title Title
kb_updated Updated
kb_views Views