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Cerb (10.4.7) is a maintenance update released on January 12, 2024. It includes 12 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.4 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Search/Keyboard/UX] Added / as a global keyboard shortcut for the search menu. Thanks to Flexibits for the feature request!

  • [Interactions/Worker] In interaction.worker automations, a client_url input now provides a worker’s current URL. For instance, this can be used by a custom explore mode to return the worker to their original location once finished. Thanks to @mryanb for the feature request!

  • [Developers/Automations] In Setup » Developers » Automation Logs the log entries are now filterable. Thanks to @mryanb for the feature request!


  • [UI/Styles] Date picker inputs now have a consistent style with the rest of the UI and properly adapt to dark mode.

  • [Interactions/Worker] In interaction.worker automations, date form elements now render the date picker. A calendar button simplifies selecting a day, and relative dates are converted in real-time (e.g. “+2 days 5pm”). Timezones are also supported (“Monday 8am Europe/Berlin”). [#1752]

  • [Mentions/Performance] Improved the performance of the @mention menu in environments with many workers. When replying or commenting, the autocompletion menu could load the profile image for every worker at once (potentially hundreds or thousands), which could lead to rate-limiting on the server. The images are now lazy-loaded when visible in the autocompletion menu. In many cases a worker will enter a few characters to filter the list and only a subset of images will ever be displayed at once.

  • [Profiles/Widgets] On record profile pages, a count of hidden widgets is displayed in the top toolbar next to ‘Hidden Widgets’. Previously the button label was ‘Toggle Hidden’.


  • [API] Fixed an issue in the API where JSON responses were empty if they contained invalid UTF-8 bytes. For instance, the content_html expansion key on /records/search/message.json. Thanks to 1Password for the bug report.

  • [Search/UX] Fixed keyboard navigation in the global search menu. It’s now possible to select a record type with the Enter key.

  • [Records/Maint] When records are deleted, the associated merge history entries are now properly removed as well.

  • [Metrics/Maint] When custom metrics are deleted, their historical metric values are now properly deleted as well.

  • [Worklists/Search/UX] On worklists, fixed an issue with the search popup when using a narrow display (e.g. smartphone). The popup was too narrow to view the full options from the ‘…’ menu. It now uses the full width when in portrait mode. Thanks to Flexibits for the bug report!