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Cerb (7.1.3) is a maintenance update released on January 25, 2016; it contains 16 improvements from community feedback covering the 7.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Mail/HTML] Added a new section in Setup->Mail->Settings for “Display HTML Messages” with the option “Don’t clean Microsoft Office formatting”. This is useful in environments that frequently use Microsoft software (Exchange, Outlook) and have issues with the way Cerb currently sanitizes HTML messages.

  • [Mail/Timeline/Usability] When viewing a timeline on a ticket profile, the ‘Subject:’ headers are now displayed for messages again.

  • [Profiles/Comments/Usability] When viewing a comment on a profile, the permalink button can now be right-clicked to copy the link without having to navigate to it immediately.

  • [Mail/Routing] Fixed an issue in Mail Routing Rules (Setup->Mail->Routing) where headers weren’t matched properly if they occurred multiple times (like ‘Received:’).

  • [Virtual Attendants] Fixed a PHP notice when using the ‘Create task’ and ‘Create ticket’ actions under certain situations in Virtual Attendants.

  • [Web-API/Mail/Reply] Fixed a bug in the /tickets/reply.json API request. This could improperly report “You do not have write access to this ticket” in some situations.

  • [CHD-4279] [Profiles/Organization] Fixed an issue where clicking the edit button on an organization profile opened up the card popup first. This is an unnecessary extra step.

  • [CHD-4280] [Profiles/Orgs/Usability] On organization profiles, the ‘Contacts’ tab has been removed in favor of ‘Contacts’ and ‘Email Addresses’ search buttons in the properties summary. These buttons are the same as on cards, and they open a search popup rather than requiring the current profile tab to change. This also fixes the inconsistency on org profiles where the tab was called ‘Contacts’ while displaying email address records instead.

  • [CHD-4277] [Mail/Compose/Watchers] Fixed an issue on the mail compose popup where only the first watcher was added to the new ticket.

  • [CHD-4167] [Mail/Worklists/Explore] When exploring a ticket worklist, the first record will always start with the ‘Timeline’ tab. Any subsequent records will use the most recently selected tab.

  • [Profiles/Usability] When a profile focuses a specific tab based on the URL (e.g. /profiles/ticket/ABC/links), that tab will become the new default tab for future records.

  • [CHD-4278] [Mail/Worklists/Piles/Usability] Fixed an issue on ticket worklists where the pile sorter actions didn’t line up properly with the categories.

  • [CHD-4296] [Profiles/Orgs] Fixed an issue where organization profiles would attempt to display when presented with invalid IDs.

  • [CHD-4276] [Worklists/Workers] On worker-based worklists, fixed an issue with displaying and filtering the ‘Email Address’ field.

  • [CHD-4245] [Virtual Attendants/Notifications] In Virtual Attendants, fixed an issue with the ‘Create notification’ action when using external URLs.

  • [CHD-4267] [Mail/Profiles/Timeline] On ticket profiles, fixed an issue where the ‘Add to recipients’ button resulted in a list of Participants which was no longer clickable.