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Cerb (7.1.4) is a maintenance update released on February 15, 2016; it contains 12 improvements from community feedback covering the 7.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [CHD-4301] [Support Center/Contacts] Fixed an issue that prevented account registration in the Support Center.

  • [CHD-4300] [Localization/VAs/API] Fixed an issue where some multibyte characters were being corrupted in placeholder labels. This affected functionality like the REST API, Virtual Attendant behaviors, and snippets. Technical note: The non-multibyte ucfirst() function was being used.

  • [Platform] When serving the “Not Found (404)” error page, a Cerb 6.x logo was shown when no custom logo was configured. This now shows the non-versioned logo of 7.x+.

  • [Virtual Attendants/Variables] In Virtual Attendants, fixed an issue with the ‘Run behavior’ and ‘Schedule behavior’ actions when setting numeric parameters on the target behavior using placeholders. These values were being set to 0 regardless of the placeholder script.

  • [Virtual Attendants/Custom Fields/Variables] In Virtual Attendants, picklist custom fields can now be set using text variables. Previously, picklist custom fields could only be set to one of the existing values from a list, which complicated some advanced workflows. For instance, a picklist with the options Red, Green, and Blue, will now also show ‘(variable) Color’ as an option. The value of the variable is compared to the picklist options in a case insensitive manner. Any match uses the picklist version of the option, and the lack of a match ignores setting the custom field.

  • [CHD-4310] [Records/Create/Watchers] Fixed a defect when adding multiple watchers while creating certain records (e.g. orgs, tasks) where only the first watcher was added to the record.

  • [Platform/PHP/Code Cleanup] Made some minor tweaks for PHP7 compatibility.

  • [Platform/Installer] Fixed an issue in the guided installer in some environments that could display a blank page and require a manual refresh to continue.

  • [CHD-2755] [Support Center] When viewing tickets in the Support Center, a new ‘Edit’ button enables contacts to modify the subject, status, and participants of their tickets. Previously, only the status could be changed.

  • [Support Center/Activity Log/Participants] When a contact adds or removes participants on tickets in the Support Center, these actions are now logged in the Activity Log.

  • [Support Center/Activity Log] Activity Log entries from the Support Center now record the actor as a Contact rather than an Email Address.

  • [Installer/Security] The installer was creating a few ./storage subdirectories with 0774 permissions (owner/group read-write, world readable). These are now created as 0770 (without world readable).