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Cerb (7.1.5) is a maintenance update released on March 7, 2016; it contains 6 features, fixes, and usability enhancements from community feedback covering the 7.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Support Center/Contact] In Support Center portals, Contact Forms can now be configured to allow a ‘Cc:’ field which adds additional contacts to the ticket’s participants list.

  • [Support Center/Security] Fixed an issue in Support Center contact forms where a form could be submitted multiple times on the same session using the same CAPTCHA.

  • [CHD-4326] [Worklists/Tickets] When using the ‘c’ shortcut to close a ticket from a worklist or profile page, an existing ‘reopen at’ date is no longer deleted. This was causing issues when transitioning from ‘waiting’ to ‘closed’ where the reopen was still expected.

  • [CHD-4321] [Profiles/Ticket/Notes] Fixed an issue on ticket profiles where sticky notes only displayed action buttons (permalink/delete) for the first note.

  • [Profiles/Ticket/Notes] Fixed an issue on ticket profiles where the profile button of a newly added sticky note didn’t work properly.

  • [CHD-4338] [Mail/Notes] Fixed an issue when replying to a message and adding a sticky note at the same time. When the sticky note editor opened it was replacing the contents of the reply form. Sticky notes are now edited in a popup.