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Cerb (7.1.6) is a maintenance update released on June 9, 2016; it contains 13 features, fixes, and usability enhancements from community feedback covering the 7.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Virtual Attendants] Fixed an issue in Virtual Attendant ‘Create task’ and ‘Create ticket’ actions. When using the ‘Run in simulator’ option, an error about “$this” was being displayed.

  • [CHD-4299] [Worklists/Export] Fixed an issue when exporting ticket worklists. The ‘closed date’ column was always displaying dates at the start of the Unix epoch (1969/1970).

  • [Virtual Attendants/Usability] Fixed an issue with the ‘Set (date) variable’ action on Virtual Attendants. The action block had a fixed height that required scrolling when toggling to ‘Calendar availability’ from ‘Placeholders’.

  • [Virtual Attendants/Calendars] Fixed an obscure issue with the ‘Set (date) variable’ action in Virtual Attendants. If an availability calendar ended with an available block (rather than a busy block) and that block was needed to advance the given duration, the target date failed to generate properly.

  • [Debug] Fixed a bug on the ‘/debug/report’ page that prevented the ‘Stats’ counts from displaying properly.

  • [Virtual Attendants] In Virtual Attendants, added the ‘Send Email’ action to ‘New notification for me’ behaviors.

  • [Virtual Attendants] Fixed an issue with ‘New notification for me’ behaviors in Virtual Attendants. The ‘Send email to notified worker’ action wasn’t sending mail properly.

  • [Virtual Attendants/Recipients] In Virtual Attendant behaviors, fixed an issue with the ‘Add Recipients’ and ‘Remove Recipients’ actions where commas within the friendly name of an email address interfered with parsing inputs (e.g. “Last, First”). This could lead to @localhost addresses being added instead.

  • [Virtual Attendants/Behaviors] Virtual Attendant behaviors that used the ‘sender_full_name’ condition were misbehaving since 7.1. The name fields moved to contact records. The ‘sender_full_name’ field will now fallback gracefully to the contact info.

  • [Worklists/Messages] On message-based worklists, a “marquee” message can now be displayed above the list. Generally these are used for providing a link to newly created records, but they are also used by other functionality.

  • [CHD-4352] [Support Center/Contact] Fixed an issue where Support Center contact forms weren’t enforcing required fields.

  • [Support Center/Contact] In Support Center contact forms, when the subject field is editable by clients then it no longer defaults to the contact situation. Instead it is shown as a suggestion. Many people provided feedback that their clients weren’t providing subject summaries when a default value existed, and if they wanted all the subjects to be the same then they wouldn’t have made them editable.

  • [Virtual Attendants/Behaviors] When a Virtual Attendant behavior includes an invalid condition (e.g. one that was previously changed or removed) then the behavior will always fail. Previously, invalid conditions were skipped, which could result in actions unintentionally taking place.