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Cerb (8.0.1) is a maintenance update released on June 19, 2017. It includes 18 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Mail/Reply] Fixed an issue with the ‘preview’ option when composing or replying to mail. The preview displayed without linefeeds or #command substitution due to a change in async:false in the Ajax calls.

  • [Search/Usability] In the global search menu, added a ‘most frequently used’ section to the top with ‘Tickets’ as the default. This will soon be populated per-worker and address usability issues with people having to find common contexts in the full list (possibly even scrolling the page if many plugins are installed).

  • [Profiles/Tickets] On ticket profiles, moved participant management to the ticket edit card. This allows all ticket properties to be edited from a single place.

  • [Mentions] Fixed an issue with @mentions not working in some situations.

  • [Portals] In the deployed index.php proxy script, fixed an issue with extraneous Transfer-Encoding: headers in responses from the origin.

  • [Profiles/Tickets] On ticket profiles, the count on the ‘Attachments’ button now includes attachments on sticky notes on messages on the ticket.

  • [Profiles/Tickets/Notes] Fixed an issue on ticket profiles where attachments weren’t displayed on sticky notes.

  • [Bots/Loops/Interactions] Fixed an issue in conversational bot interactions with infinite loops. If an action broke the loop, the behavior replay after a prompt didn’t reproduce this. This led to a hanging behavior.

  • [Portals] Fixed an issue in PHP 7.1 when creating new community portals.

  • [Support Center/Knowledgebase] In the Support Center, added $article->getCustomFields() in knowledgebase templates for retrieving custom field values.

  • [Explore] Added an APP_OPT_EXPLORE_MAX_PAGES option to framework.config.php to control the maximum number of pages used by explore mode for tickets and messages. Pages contain 250 records each, and this setting defaults to 4 pages (1000 rows).

  • [Profiles/Ticket] Added an APP_OPT_DEPRECATED_PROFILE_QUICK_SEARCH option to framework.config.php for displaying the quick search box on ticket profiles. The Search->Tickets menu should be used instead, but this option allows existing users to transition more gradually.

  • [Code Cleanup] Fixed a PHP notice on bot-powered dashboard widgets in the simulator.

  • [Code Cleanup] Fixed a PHP notice when loading a ticket worklist from a public bot without a worker session.

  • [Bots/Interactions] On conversational bot interactions, added a ‘Prompt with chooser’ action. This allows a worker to make single and multiple selections using the standard chooser control in Cerb (a popup worklist with a preset query). The worker chat history shows the labels for the selections in the chat log, while actually sending the record IDs back to the bot.

  • [Worklists/Search] On worker worklists, added a role: filter to quick search for filtering workers by role membership. This is particularly useful for restricting bot interactions by role.

  • [Bots] Fixed an issue in bots with the ‘Run behavior’ and ‘Schedule behavior’ actions. When setting a worker-based behavior variable using another variable, editing the action after saving didn’t show the selection in the dropdown.

  • [Support Center] Fixed an issue in the Support Center. Some columns on the ticket history worklist weren’t showing data (status, first wrote, last wrote, org).