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Cerb (8.0.2) is a maintenance update released on June 30, 2017. It includes 15 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Bots/Interactions] On bot interactions, defaulted the color for ‘Prompt with buttons’ to the same blue as sent messages.

  • [Worklists/Tickets] On ticket worklists, added data-status and data-status-id metadata to the <tbody> element to simplify bot scripting on worklists.

  • [Bots/Interactions/Profiles] When using bot interactions on profiles, the i keyboard shortcut now focuses the interactions menu and allows keyboard navigation.

  • [Bots/Variables] Fixed an issue with bot behavior variables. When setting a ‘mixed records’ list variable, the ‘Limit to:’ options didn’t appear until the action was saved and reopened.

  • [Custom Fields] Fixed an issue with picklist custom fields. Options with multibyte characters weren’t being saved properly on selection.

  • [Workspaces/Pages] Fixed an issue with importing workspace pages.

  • [Bots] Fixed an issue with the ‘Record commented on’ event. Conditions that used the ‘comment author’ or ‘comment record type’ placeholders weren’t matching properly.

  • [Bots/Mail] Fixed an issue in ‘Before message sent from worker’ events. When setting the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: header as an action from a behavior, the message headers weren’t always properly updated. These actions now use the addTo(), addCc(), and addBcc() methods in the SwiftMailer API.

  • [Worklists/Search] Fixed an issue with fulltext searches where a phrase contained an underscore. These queries weren’t matching properly.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] When building bot behaviors with actions that use a worker picker, worker profile pictures are now displayed for all selections.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] When using bot behaviors with an On: option (e.g. run/schedule behavior, create comment), single worker-based behavior variables are now available. Previously, only worker list variables were included.

  • [Worklists/Worker] Added a lastActivity: filter to worker worklists. This filters workers who have been active within a certain date/time range. For instance, “workers who have been active within the past 15 minutes”, or “workers who have not been active for the past 3 months”.

  • [Mail/Compose/Reply] Added email address choosers to the To/Cc/Bcc fields when composing and replying to mail. This makes it much simpler to select several contacts at once based on any filter criteria.

  • [Bots/Behaviors] Fixed an issue in bot behaviors when using a ‘set list’ action. When opening the worklist, quick search could show ‘undefined’ rather than using the query from the behavior.

  • [Bots/Interactions] On bot interactions, when using the ‘Open worklist’ action, the opened worklist will now match the title, columns, sorting, and page size of the reference worklist.