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Cerb (8.0.6) is a maintenance update released on August 17, 2017. It includes 10 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Setup/Import Packages] Fixed an issue with Setup » Import Packages where importing a bot behavior with an unknown event silently generated an error.

  • [Debug/Bots] When exporting all bot behaviors from /debug/export_bots, the JSON output is now in the same format as packages. This makes it easier to export bots directly into packages.

  • [Bots/Mail/Filtering] In mail filtering bot behaviors, a new branch of Parent Ticket placeholders is available if a new message is a reply to an existing ticket.

  • [Bots/Mail/Filtering] In mail filtering bot behaviors, a Message » Headers placeholder is now available. This is an array of the headers from the inbound message, with lowercase header names as keys. These values were always available, but hidden from the menu due to their dynamic nature.

  • [API/Attachments] When uploading a file attachment in the API, the full record is returned in the response. Previously, only file_id was returned, which required a second lookup.

  • [Avatars/Usability] In the profile picture editor popup, the ‘Save Changes’ button is now more obvious. Previously, the button had a checkmark icon with no text.

  • [Bots/Mail/Filtering] Fixed an issue with mail filtering behaviors. The ‘attachment name’, ‘attachment mime type’, and ‘attachment size’ conditions weren’t showing any options.

  • [Bots/Simulator/Usability] When simulating ‘Execute HTTP Request’ actions in bot behaviors, a reminder is shown if the action is configured to not run in the simulator. This helps preserve the sanity of bot developers.

  • [Bots/Simulator/Usability] When simulating ‘Execute HTTP Request’ actions in bot behaviors, full output from the HTTP request is shown without requiring a custom placeholder to inspect the return value. A ‘Debug’ section shows the expanded object from, and a ‘Body’ section shows the full returned content.

  • [Bots/IE11] Fixed an issue with conversational bots in IE11. This had to do with the library that returns user agent information from the client browser.