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Cerb (8.0.7) is a maintenance update released on August 28, 2017. It includes 6 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [File Bundles/Permissions] Fixed an issue where non-admins could never edit file bundles regardless of ownership.

  • [Opera/Worklists] Fixed a display issue with calendar and file bundle worklists. In Opera, selecting rows didn’t highlight the entire row.

  • [Workers/Code Cleanup] On the worker peek editor, removed bold from labels on non-required fields.

  • [Opera/Code Cleanup] Fixed the auto-focus on some peek editors in Opera.

  • [Tasks] Task records now automatically set the ‘updated date’ field from everywhere (API, mobile, UI, etc).

  • [Tests] Implemented headless Chrome for the automated WebDriver tests.